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About Infrared Screening the future of medical thermal imaging

Energetic Health Systems BV, established in Numansdorp, The Netherlands.

Our objective is to provide safe and non-invasive methods for medical examination and treatment. We are active in this area since 1998 and now leading.

We work together with universities, hospitals, doctors and researchers worldwide.

A few examples:
Teeside University, Teeside, UK.
Health Tech Sciences, Bergen, Norway.
FAIM ( Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine), USA.
GAIA Life Sciences, Singapore.
University of St. Petersburg, Dr. Korotkov, Russia.
DGEIM, Stuttgart, Germany.

My Life Imaging, Lakeland, USA

My Life Imaging

Infrared Screening, also known as Thermography is a highly specialized technique. Medical infrared techniques are used for more than 50 years and develop rapidly. However, it is still relatively new in the medical world where meanwhile more and more health care providers take note of this form of screening. Energetic Health Systems prepares for the inevitable growth by working together with those who are professionals in their own (medical) field. An inherent strength arises in working with others and we feel that building strategic partnerships is what Energetic Health Systems sets apart from others dealing with medical infrared screening. Energetic Health Systems is proud to work together with:
logo   High quality infrared cameras
Affordable, FDA registered radiometric infrared cameras of high quality 320 X 240 (IS-32),
640 X 480 (IS-64) and the 1280 x 1024 HD (IS-128 HD) which all are perfectly designed for medical applications. Marketed by Energetic Health Systems, in combination with infrared TotalVision medical software.

physinsite   Medical interpretations
Energetic Health Systems has confidence in the physicians who interpret the infrared images and their professional reporting.

IAMT   Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermology
Energetic Health Systems supports IAMT and their membership, which is open to all thermographers, regardless of the technology they are using.

In addition, we import various other diagnosis and therapy systems. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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