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We look through the thermography lens and see the future, and you can too. Prevention is becoming the medical priority in todays culture. We are no longer satisfied to accept detection, treatment or management of disease.

New Vision of Thermography

As more of us are expecting more from healthcare, Infrared Medical Thermography offers a unique opportunity. We see thermography is a screening tool for prevention. Thermography is a device intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, or is intended to affect the structure or function of the body. We believe there is no reason to exaggerate the benefits of thermography which is unique and beneficial enough to stand on its own merit.

Prevention, the New Medicine

With the national focus now on preventive approaches to healthcare, patients are demanding medical thermography adjunct services.
The wave of preventive care is finally here. Bottom line: Thermography is timely and has an important place in our medical future.

Why Energetic Health Systems?

Energetic Health Systems is light years ahead! Our goal is to stand out in every facet of the medical thermography business.
Your success is important to us because that is our success. These are just a few of the many benefits that we have to offer:
  • Progressive, imaginative, highly functional and easy-to-use TotalVision™ software
  • Camera features combined with accessories to allow for privacy imaging
  • Hands-on training with experienced, professional thermographers who know what its like to get started.
  • Support by personnel with years of medical thermography experience to help you with all your thermography needs,
    including materials and images for your website
  • Interpretation services provided
  • Supporter of The Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermology (IAMT), the professional thermographers association
    that will keep you in touch with other thermographers and the latest developments in the industry
You have the possibility to experience an online demo with Energetic Health Systems.

You are never alone with Energetic Health Systems. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. We will help you build your thermography business, one image at a time.

Privacy Imaging in the Office
Thermography imaging requires that the patient remove their clothing. Traditionally, the thermographer has been in the same space with
the patient and often viewing the patient during imaging. Today, we have the ability to image the patient with privacy because of remote management of the camera and auto focusing, controlled
at the computer in the more advanced cameras. As seen in the imaging space illustration below, the thermographer can be in the same room, but not in view of the patient. This is a fixed installation in an office, but the camera is portable and can be removed to a portable stand for off-site imaging. You can use a wall or screen, as seen below or a curtain to offer privacy. The patient can be seen on the computer screen and the remote controls can adjust the camera. The Remote Positioning Stand (RPS) is a permanent installation and attaches to the wall. It is remotely controlled to move horizontally and the pan and tilt is attached for more exact positioning.


If you prefer to use the manual or portable stand, you can still offer privacy imaging, even in an off-site location. With the manual stand a pan and tilt motor is attached to the stand and remotely controls side-to-side movement or small increment horizontal movements. With this arrangement, it is necessary to manually move the camera horizontally if imaging various areas of the body. The camera must always be at 90 degree angle to the imaging area of the body. Click here to view the accessories. We find the presentation is much more professional and the patient is much more comfortable with this arrangement and is more likely to refer their friends for thermography. For those who are interested in an active thermography offering and need a dedicated area for imaging, we have designed floor advertizingplans to help with office configuration. See example below.



Our clients success is very important to us and we realize support is crucial, especially in the beginning of a new business. You can count on Energetic Health Systems to be there to help you.

Tech Support: Our on-line tech support team is always available to assist you thru our virtual network connection. We can view your computer screen and trouble shoot in real time. Our technicians are aware of every aspect of your imaging system.

Business/Consulting Support: Our extensive clinical experience in the medical thermography field provides you with an invaluable resource for thermography practice management support.

Marketing Support: You have full access to our unique marketing materials, marketing campaigns and advertising assistance with proven results.

Interpretation Support: Physicians Insight Medical Interpretation Service offers professional reporting by Board Certified M.D.s including a written report for your patient, your patient files and for presentation to a referring physician. Reports include a written opinion as well as copies of the images.



There is no doubt that thermography has a place in our medical future. Now the question is; does it have a place in your practice or your future? If you want to take an active part in the growing trend toward Preventive Medicine then your answer must be YES!
  • First, contact us to ask questions or obtain more information
  • Request an informational quote
  • Choose your system and accessories
  • Request a custom quote
  • Medical Equipment Lease Program. See if you qualify for a lease.
  • Local or hometown financing at your own bank

Service contract

We also provide a service contract which includes free software updates, warranty extension, emergency repair, replacement of the camera or stand if necessary, helpdesk and Pattern Recognition Training.


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