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The thermographer provides imaging skill, the camera captures the images, the software provides data, but understanding how the images and data relate to the function of the human body provides the ultimate true value of thermography. This solution is realized by the patient and the doctor through image interpretation. Energetic Health Systems provides this solution to our clients by partnering with
Physicians Insight Medical Interpretation Service. Written reports are provided by licensed and board certified Medical Doctors who are trained to interpret thermal images through data analysis and medical experience. Physician's Insight's primary goal is to provide a meaningful report to the patient and the referring doctor to support ongoing health assessment and prevention as opposed to an assessment focusing on disease.


This approach includes:
  • Reporting by experienced, licensed health care providers
  • Reporting on any selected region of the body
  • Side to side and other appropriate temperature comparisons
  • Recognition of suspicious patterns of change
  • Attention to recognizable patterns of surface temperature changes as they relate to:
    • Breast health
    • Cardio Vascular Health
    • Dental Health
    • Muscular/skeletal stress or injury
    • Sinus and allergies
    • Thyroid health
    • Visceral health
  • Clinical possibilities for further clinical evaluation
  • Recommendations for follow-up based on the interpreter’s experience
  • Timely reporting
  • No reference to cancer risk

New vision of thermography

Thermography greatest contribution in understanding the processes of the human body is its inherent ability to detect subtle, vascular and physiological changes that if left unattended, may become, over time, a degenerative disruptive disease.

Prevention, the new medicine

Over the past decade, Prevention has actually become a medical practice. Preventive medicine is now ready for the screening benefits of thermography, which is an adjunct to other clinical diagnostic procedures in the diagnosis, quantifying and screening of differences in skin surface temperature changes.


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